Borough of Point Pleasant –  The Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program is a federal, state and local effort to enable and encourage children to walk and bicycle to school where it is safe to do so and to improve the areas where it is not safe.  SRTS facilitates the planning, development and implementation of projects that improve safety and air quality, as well as reduce traffic and fuel consumption around schools.  The Greater Mercer TMA and the NJ Department of Transportation teamed up to implement a statewide SRTS program throughout Mercer and Ocean Counties.  One such partnership included the Borough of Point Pleasant.

Through the efforts of Mayor Sabosik and the Borough Council over the last two years which included new sidewalks by Nellie Bennett Elementary School and the partnership with Ocean County to put in new crosswalks and sidewalks on Beaver Dam Road and Bridge Avenue, the Greater Mercer TMA at their Annual Awards Luncheon this past Fall awarded Point Pleasant Borough with their Bronze Sneaker Award honoring the Boro’s commitment and support of the program.

According to Councilman Joseph Furmato, “Over the last two years we have taken monumental steps in improving pedestrian safety here.  We’ve put in new sidewalks around Nellie Bennett School and have grant applications out right now to continue off of that throughout the neighborhood.  We also are in the process of putting in new sidewalks up and down Bridge Avenue and Beaver Dam Road.  The goal is to put sidewalks around our schools and build out from there along with major corridors like Bridge and Beaver Dam.”  Councilman Michael Thulen added that “Before this administration, the Borough had no way to fund these projects.  We’ve gone the extra step a few years back of creating the first ever pedestrian safety fund where new construction would have to donate into a fund where we could then place sidewalks where they are needed.  It’s also been a pleasure working with the Greater Mercer TMA and taking their suggestions.  I want to thank them for this recognition, it really means a lot to hear that we are moving in the right direction and making our community the best it can be.”

Mayor Sabosik stated that, “This is truly a great honor.  We are working hard for all the residents of Point Pleasant and making our community the safest it can be.  This Spring we will also be launching the Point Pleasant Borough Street Smart Committee in a partnership with the Greater Mercer TMA where we will be educating not just students, but all members of our community on the importance of following pedestrian and bicycling safety and obeying traffic laws.  Education will be a major component along with physical improvements in ensuring the safety of our residents.”

Councilman Furmato and Councilman Thulen accept the Bronze Sneaker Award from Greater Mercer TMA.