Residents and contractors can now access information regarding parcels and permits at:

SDL Point Pleasant Portal

All permits prior to 1993 will require an OPRA request

OPRA – For Building Permits Only

Building Department

The primary responsibility of the building department is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of New Jersey’s citizens. To accomplish this construction officials and subcode officials review construction permit applications to ensure that building plans and specifications conform to the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (NJUCC), inspectors perform field inspections for construction projects to ensure that the construction is in accordance with the NJUCC.

The Building department issues permits to construct, enlarge, alter, renovate, remove or repair a structure.

Although all permit applications do not require prior approval there are several prior approvals for applications that may be required before a permit can be issued, in some cases an application will not be reviewed until certain prior approvals have been granted. The most common are, Zoning, Flood Plain Management, and Engineering.

Inspection Requirements & Hours for Construction

Code Enforcement

The primary responsibility of code enforcement professionals is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Borough residents and visitors. To accomplish this code enforcement officials and inspectors perform field inspections to ensure that properties are maintained in accordance with the Property Maintenance Code (PMC) adopted by the Borough.

Our Borough does not require a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) for a resale or rental of a home.  No dwelling shall be rented or leased for a term less than 30 days in the Borough of Point Pleasant.  New Jersey State Law requires a smoke detector/carbon monoxide/fire extinguisher inspection if you sell or rent your 1 or 2 family home.  Please reach out to the Ocean County Fire Marshal at 732-929-2088 or on the web at:

The owner, landlord and/or agent of a single-family, two-family or multiple dwelling unit built prior to 1978 offered for rental shall be required to obtain a lead-based paint inspection within two years of the effective date of the law, July 2, 2022, or upon a tenant turnover or whichever is earlier.  After an initial inspection the owner, landlord and/or agent of such rental units shall be required to be inspected for lead-based paint hazards every three years, or upon tenant turnover, whichever is earlier.  The fee for filing a lead-safe certification or lead-free certification shall be $20 per unit inspected by a certified lead evaluation contractor.  In accordance with N.J.S.A 52:27(D)-437.16 property owners, landlords and/or agents shall provide evidence of a valid lead-safe certification as well as evidence of the most recent tenant turnover at the time of the cyclical inspection to the Borough of Point Pleasant Code Enforcement Office.



The primary purpose of the Zoning Department is to administer and enforce the Zoning Regulations of the Borough. The Department guides public and private development through planning & development policies and review standards in order to create and maintain a balanced community.

In general, the following projects require zoning approval, this list is not all inclusive:

To construct, enlarge, increase the intensity of use or change the use of a structure or property. Installation of Signs, A/C platforms, generators, sheds and fences.

Point Pleasant Zoning Map

FEMA Flood Maps

To see if you are in a FLOOD ZONE and what the PRELIMINARY BASE FLOOD ELEVATION is, follow the link below. After following that link, enter YOUR ADDRESS to obtain the information.


The maps have been adopted by the State of New Jersey and the Borough of Point Pleasant. These are used for all construction (additions, renovations, new construction, etc.) – but NOT for FLOOD INSURANCE at this time.

To see whether you are in a FLOOD ZONE and what your PRELIMINARY BASE FLOOD ELEVATION is, click here: FEMA Flood Maps

If you have any questions, contact Andrew Rempfer, Floodplain Administrator: 732 892-7129.