Trash Collection

The Borough’s trash is collected by a private firm.  Trash must be out at the curb by 5:30 a.m. on collection day.   Collection is once per week from the second Monday in September through the second Monday in June. 

Beginning the second Monday in June and ending the second Monday in September collection is twice per week.  Summer (2x) pick up begins June 12, 2023.  We go back to Winter (1x) pick up September 11, 2023.   Refer to the Town Planner Calendar for your section and days for pick up or call DPW at (732)892-1287.

All cans must have lids and cannot exceed 50 lbs. in weight.  We suggest 30 or 33 gallon containers.  Large toter style cans are unacceptable.  Our trash is manually picked up.  It must be lifted and dumped into the truck.  We do not use robo cans for automatic collection.

One large item such as a dresser, sofa, or mattress and box spring will also be picked up each week with your normal household trash.  All upholstered items must be kept dry.   Carpeting can be put out one room at a time and counts as one large item.  It must be cut down to 3’ sections, tied in bundles and kept dry.

Building materials (construction debris) will be picked up only in small quantities.  One can not to exceed 50 lbs. in weight or one or two bundles not to exceed 50 lbs. will be picked up as one large item.

Large quantities of building material (construction debris) must be taken to the Ocean County Landfill, Route 70, Manchester, NJ (732) 323-8528.  Materials recycled by the Borough will not be picked up with the trash.  

Electronics must be brought to the recycling center.  There will be no curbside pickup for these items.

Acceptable Electronics

Trash Holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

During the non-summer months your trash will be one day late after a holiday.

During the summer your trash will be missed on a holiday and only picked up once that week.

Winter Trash Sections

(Sections are the same as recycling sections)

  • 1A & 1B – Thursday
  • 2A & 2B – Friday
  • 3A & 3B – Monday
  • 4A & 4B – Tuesday
  • 5A & 5B – Wednesday

Winter Trash Collection Map

North of Herbertsville Road and North of South Street will be collected on Wednesday and Saturday.

Between Herbertsville Road and Bridge Avenue west of the canal will be collected on Tuesday and Friday.

South of Bridge Avenue and South of South Street will be collected on Monday and Thursday.

Summer Trash Collection Map

Brush Collection

Brush is picked up on the 2nd Tuesday of each month by appointment. Call (732) 892-1287 to make an appointment.

Brush must be tied in 4 ft. bundles or put in cans. Branches must be 3” diameter or less. Appointments must be made prior to the pickup date.

You can also take brush to the Center on Arthur Avenue for disposal seven days a week.

Metal Collection

Metal/White Goods are picked up on the 3rd Tuesday of each month by appointment. Appliances containing FREON (such as refrigerators and freezers) must have the Freon removed prior to making an appointment for pickup. You are required to bring the receipt for removal to the Public Works office on Albert Clifton Avenue; where you will receive a sticker to put on the appliance. Any licensed refrigeration technician is able to provide this service. If you need additional information contact Public Works (732) 892-1287. Appointments must be made prior to the pickup date.

You can also take your metal items to the Center on Arthur Avenue for disposal seven days a week.

Brush and Metal are not picked up in April, November, or December due to Leaf Pick Up.