Click Here for a Town Map of the Collection Districts

Leaves are collected by the department twice during the fall, and once each spring.

Schedules are printed in the town planner calendar that is sent to each resident annually. Be sure your leaves are out at the curb prior to the first day of collection in your area. Leaves cannot be put out more than 7 days in advance of your pick up. Leaves may not be placed in the curbline any closer than 10 ft. from a storm drain inlet. Violators risk a fine.

Ornamental grass in no longer accepted with leaves or brush. It must be bagged or put into cans and put out with you normal household trash.

Leaves are accepted at our Arthur Avenue Recycling Center year-round. For more information, call the Department of Public Works at 732-892-1287.


  • Leaves
  • Pine Needles
  • Thatch (Brown Raked Grass)
  • Vegetables / Vegetable Debris
  • Flowers / Flower Debris
  • Weeds
  • Acorns / Pinecones


  • Brown Biodegradable Bags
  • *Freshly Mowed Green Grass
  • *Hay / Straw
  • *Corn Stalks
  • *Ornamental/Beach/Reed Grasses
  • *Pumpkin / Gourds
  • **Brush//Hedge Clippings
  • **Mulch//Wood Chips
  • ***SOD

***SOD is disposed of privately by the homeowner at their expense ocean county remanufacturing in Toms River accepts SOD 732-244-1716