Robert A. Sabosik
Robert A. SabosikMayor
Charlene Archer
Charlene ArcherCouncil President
Joseph Furmato Jr.
Joseph Furmato Jr.Councilman
William Borowsky
William BorowskyCouncilman
John Wisniewski
John WisniewskiCouncilman
Antoinette DePaola
Antoinette DePaolaCouncilwoman
Valerie Coulson
Valerie CoulsonCouncilwoman

Governing Body

Voters elect a Mayor and six Council Members at large. The Mayor has a four-year term, while Council has staggered three-year terms. Pt. Pleasant Borough holds partisan elections. Reorganization of the Governing Body occurs in the first week of January.


The Mayor is the head of our municipal government. The Mayor sees that state laws and borough ordinances are faithfully executed and presides over Council. The Mayor only votes in the event of a tie, and has the authority to veto legislation, which is then subject to override by ⅔ majority of Council. The Mayor appoints Officers of the Government with Council approval.