The Open Space Committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at Bennett Cabin at 7:00 p.m.

The 2020 Open Space Reservation Advisory Committee as appointed by the Mayor shall consist of the following:

  • Richard Morris
  • Dawn Wagner
  • Joanne Goetting
  • Greg Zyry
  •  Craig Bowers,
  • James Hoffmaster
  • Ed Lavan
  • Jack McHugh
  • Cortland Coleman


  • #1: Marilyn Pribish
  • #2 Jim Dempsey


  • Mayor Robert A. Sabosik
  • Councilman John Wisniewski
  • Borough Administrator Frank Pannucci
    Ex-Officio Member
  • Environmental Commission Chairman Chris Constantino
    Ex-Officio Member
  • Planning Board Chairman Mary Jane Bavais
    Ex-Officio Member