Council Committee Assignments

Finance Committee

Chair: John Wisniewski
Vice-Chair: William Borowsky
Member: Antoinette DePaola
Alternate: Joseph Furmato

Public Safety

Chair: Antoinette DePaola
Vice-Chair: Pamela Snyder
Member: Michael Thulen Jr.
Alternate: William Borowsky

Public Works and Water/Sewer

Chair: William Borowsky
Vice-Chair: Joseph Furmato
Member: John Wisniewski
Alternate: Michael Thulen Jr.


Chair: Pamela Snyder
Vice-Chair: Michael Thulen Jr.
Member: William Borowsky
Alternate: John Wisniewski


Chair: Joseph Furmato
Vice-Chair: John Wisniewski
Member: Pamela Snyder
Alternate: Antoinette DePaola

Land Use/ Zoning & Code Enforcement

Chair: Michael Thulen Jr.
Vice-Chair: Antoinette DePaola
Member: Joseph Furmato
Alternate: Pamela Snyder

Mayor’s Committee on Shared Services, Unification & Regionalization

Chair: Mayor Robert Sabosik
Vice-Chair: Joseph Furmato
Member: Antoinette Depaola
Alternate: John Wisniewski


Chair: John Wisniewski
Vice-Chair: Pam Snyder
Member: Michael Thulen Jr.
Alternate: Joseph Furmato

Council Liaison Assignments

Board of Education: William Borowsky
Zoning Board of Adjustment: Michael Thulen Jr.
Board of Health / TNR: Antoinette DePaola
Planning Board: Joseph Furmato
Environmental Commission: Pamela Snyder
Substance Abuse: William Borowsky
Municipal Court: Antoinette DePaola
Juvenile Conference: John Wisniewski
Recreation: Joseph Furmato
Medical Center: Antoinette DePaola
Chamber of Commerce: Mayor Robert Sabosik
Open Space: John Wisniewski
Climate Action: Pamela Snyder
Community Watch: Antoinette DePaola