On Monday, August 10, 2020 the Department of Public Works will begin a town wide clean up from the recent storm.  We will begin in Section 1 and end in Section 5.  We will go through every street one time.  Brush must be out at the curb on Monday, August 10, 2020.  We will pick up any tree debris up to 3” diameter and 6’ in length.  It does not have to be tied.  Any material larger than 3” in diameter or 6’ in length will not be collected.

Our normal monthly brush pick up will take place as scheduled on Tuesday, August 11, 2020. If you have already made an appointment for that, we will be there to pick up on Tuesday.

Residents may bring their brush/tree debris to the Arthur Avenue Recycling Center 7 days a week during posted hours of operation.  Nothing larger than 3” in diameter and 6’ in length will be accepted at the center.

Proof of residency is required to use the Recycling Center.

Please call our office at 732-892-1287 with any questions.