Dear Residents,

As I always say, there is no better place to be than “The Boro.” The acts of kindness and charity that our schools, private citizens, service groups and businesses have shown towards one another and the unfaltering level of support we have for each other is inspiring. I am proud and honored to be the Mayor of such a wonderful community and the Borough Council feels the same way.

The updates I have been posting over the last few months have contained a great deal of information covering a host of different issues dealing with the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, and I hope they have been helpful. I urge you to look at all of them for valuable information. The Borough Council and I have been regularly engaging in weekly conference calls with State and County Officials about COVID-19 and working with emergency personnel around the clock to stay on top of these issues to keep you informed and to keep our community running smoothly.

Working with the State of New Jersey

Governor Murphy extended his public-health emergency for 30 more days on May 6th to June 5th.  At the moment, we do not know if the Governor will extend it again or lift it at that time.  In the meantime, there has been some movement with the State in regard to businesses and recreational amenities that I would like to discuss.

This past week, Governor Murphy has signed new Executive Orders. One of these orders has been Executive Order #142 opening back up non-essential businesses for curbside service and allowing non-essential construction to resume effective Monday May 18th.  This Executive Order does carry requirements from the Governor dealing with how businesses can operate and how construction sites must conduct themselves.  I urge you to click on the link to read it in full.  The Borough Council and I are pleased the Governor is finally loosening his restrictions on businesses but there needs to be further leeway to let other operations open.  I have relayed the concerns of our local businesses continually to the Governor’s Office on our weekly Mayors’ Conference Calls.  Many businesses including but not limited to hair salons and barbershops have also laid out smart and proactive plans to re-open with well thought out precautions in dealing with COVID-19.  I have relayed these to State officials and have stated time and time again that not just Point Pleasant’s businesses, but small businesses throughout the State of New Jersey are smart and have the best interests of the community in mind but they need to re-open before it’s too late.  Those businesses not yet open need a plan now.  I will continue to press this issue weekly with State officials.

Another was Executive Order #143 allowing public and private beaches and boardwalks to open.  There are social distancing regulations for this per the Governor so I implore you to read the Executive Order in full.  As for Point Pleasant Borough’s two river front beaches, those operations will be covered in the below municipal operations section.

The Governor also previously signed Executive Order #130 allowing municipalities to extend the grace period for property taxes. EO #130 allows municipalities to increase the statutory 10 day grace period for the May 1st due date to June 1st. The Borough Council and I have already enacted this for our residents.  I would like to emphasize that this Executive Order is not a requirement and many towns throughout the State are not doing so because of the logistics involved since the Governor made this option available only at the last minute, but the Borough Council and I felt strongly that we should give every consideration possible to our residents during this crisis and we voted to extend it.

I encourage you to read my previous updates discussing all other Gubernatorial Executive Orders and amendments pertaining to requirements for businesses and contractors, utilities, marinas and boatyards, mortgages, rent and a host of COVID-19 related subjects. If you would like to read all of the Governor’s Executive Orders in their entirety, you can click on the link for the full list.

I’d like to share again with you the most important link I feel will benefit you and that is the NJ COVID-19 Information HUB. This website has been set up by the State of New Jersey and is your one-stop website for all issues whether you are an individual or a business. There are various portals on this site for general questions about COVID-19 itself, what to do if you are infected or think you are infected, financial assistance and grants for both individuals and businesses along with areas for a range of social services assistance including but not limited to food, mental health and domestic violence.

Working with Ocean County

If you would like information on how to make an appointment to get tested for COVID-19, please visit the Ocean County Health Department to make an appointment for the drive-thru testing site at Ocean County College. For links about services, documents, information and help from your Ocean County Government related to COVID-19, please visit the Ocean County COVID-19 Information Page.

COVID-19 In Point Pleasant

In regard to positive cases of COVID-19 in our community, I’ve previously stated that as tests become more available and time moves on, we will inevitably have a rise in positive cases as with all municipalities in our State. The names, addresses and statuses of these individual positive cases will not be revealed due to laws protecting one’s medical history. Not even the Borough Council and I are privy to specific information.  Only the total number of cases and now deaths in each municipality are available. Further, it should be noted that this is a running total from when testing began almost two months ago, this number does not reflect recoveries, the Ocean County Health Department has not yet started to subtract recovered cases from the total.

You can see the total number of cases not just in Point Pleasant but in every municipality in Ocean County daily by clicking on the link to the Ocean County Health Department. You can also click on the NJ Department of Health page as well for State numbers. It should be noted that a large portion of our cases here in Point Pleasant have come from nursing homes and adult care facilities as with so many other communities. We know this because nursing homes and care facilities are required to report their numbers and that has become public information. These facilities house some of our most vulnerable residents and our thoughts and prayers are with them as they are with everyone.

There is no need for you to be panicked by these numbers but there is a need for you to be concerned and to practice social distancing and good hygiene habits. The Ocean County Health Department is the lead agency for investigation of cases involving a positive COVID-19 person. If it is determined that a resident is in close contact with someone infected with COVID-19, the County Health Department will reach out. The County Health Department conducts a thorough contact tracing exercise on each case and notifies anyone that could have come in contact with that individual.

In recent news articles, Governor Murphy has repeatedly stated that the number of new positive cases has slowed down and the effects of social distancing are being seen at the Jersey Shore. I can say that we are starting to see the numbers here in Point Pleasant slow down as well. I am heartened by this, but that does not mean we can start being lax. We must remain vigilant and do our part to help flatten the curve. The Borough Council and I cannot stress enough the need to practice social distancing and good hygiene habits.

Food, Social Services Assistance & Help

Some of the challenges that this pandemic has presented us are not just financial. Some deal with having an adequate supply of food for families and seniors while others relate not just to physical health, but mental health as well. Some suffering from various addictions also need somewhere to turn to as being quarantined could have lasting implications. Others unfortunately could be faced with a situation involving domestic violence. In a previous post I shared some links to find assistance should you need them, you can revisit that post by clicking here. Ocean County is also helping to get food to senior citizens through the Ocean County Office of Senior Services. To volunteer or to help put seniors in need in contact with them, please click here.

Supporting our Local Economy

Our Point Pleasant Borough Chamber of Commerce has been doing an excellent job promoting local businesses that are still able to remain open. I previously posted an update regarding this with links to help support those businesses. I ask you to revisit that post by clicking here.

COVID-19 Related Scams

Unfortunately, even during a time of crisis there will be those that prey on the unsuspecting and vulnerable members of our society. It is important to remain vigilant and be able to recognize when someone is taking advantage of you. With stimulus and government assistance scams occurring as stimulus funds are starting to arrive via checks and direct deposits, remember that the government will not ask you to pay anything up front. Anyone who calls and asks for you social security number, bank account or credit card information is a scammer. Grandparent and sick family member scams are also on the rise taking advantage of this pandemic. The numbers and emails from your relatives and friends most likely are not genuine, if you get a call like this, reach out to your family member or friend directly. Also, be on the lookout for phony charities and crowdfunding. We are ‘Jersey Strong’ and we come together in times of need, scammers know this too. Be sure to research where a charitable donation is going and who is doing the fundraising. There are also fake mandatory COVID-19 test scams from people posing as government and health officials looking to get your personal, financial and medical information.

The NJ Attorney General and U.S. Attorney announced the creation of a State of New Jersey and Federal joint task force to investigate and prosecute those who are exploiting this pandemic. If you believe you are being victimized or know of someone who is, you can call the National Center for Disaster Fraud’s National Hotline at 866-720-5721.

Municipal Operations in Point Pleasant

Even though municipal offices in Borough Hall are closed to the public, we are still performing essential functions to keep our community operational. All essential functions can still be accomplished either by mail, email or going onto our website. There is also a drop box in the Court Lobby where residents can drop off payments, permits and other documents to the appropriate department.  I encourage you to check our website often for changes to any services and to revisit past public notices.

As I previously stated, under Executive Order #130 municipalities now have the option to extend the statutory 10-day grace period for property taxes due on May 1st to June 1st. The Borough Council and I have decided to take advantage of this and have extend the grace period to June 1st for our residents.

Governor Murphy this week signed Executive Order #143 allowing beaches to open.  I am happy to announce that our two river front beaches at River Avenue and Maxson Avenue are scheduled to re-open.  On Friday May 22nd both beaches and our boardwalk at Riverfront Park will be opened to the public once again.  I ask residents to be mindful of social distancing requirements and to be respectful of each others’ personal spaces.  Beach badges will go on sale online on our website sometime over the next week.  You must use your Community Pass account to purchase them, if you do not have an account, you can set one up for free by visiting our Recreation Department Page on our website. Daily badges will not be sold at the beach and all badges must be bought online ahead of time.  They will be required for daily access starting June 20th when lifeguards are scheduled to be on duty.  Please note this date is the same every year, regardless of COVID-19.  Lifeguards will also make the appropriate call to limit access once capacity has been reached due to the Governor’s restrictions on beach openings.

The balanced approach we have taken in handling this outbreak has become the new model for the rest of the State in regard to our outdoor amenities. Previously Governor Murphy decided to reopen golf courses and State & County Parks with some stipulations. While New Jersey ordered all State and County Parks closed and other municipalities shut their parks down completely at the beginning of this pandemic, we took a more measured and common-sense approach. From the beginning, while we closed certain amenities, the Borough Council and I strongly believed that there still needed to be an outlet for passive recreation and kept our open space fields open to the public from the beginning. It has worked out well for us and we would like to thank all of you for following proper social distancing practices. While our open spaces remain open … team sports, picnics and group gatherings are still strictly prohibited per the Governor’s Orders and social distancing must be adhered to. You are also encouraged to wear a face-mask while using our facilities. We want you to get fresh air and exercise in a responsible manner. There is signage posted at all of our sites stating COVID-19 precautions and our Police Department has increased their patrols and will ask those not adhering to social distancing guidelines to vacate the premises.

Through our Recreation Department, we have put online various activities for you to do with your children at home including word searches and coloring sheets.  The Recreation Department will update this page often with new material.  We also have employees calling Senior Citizens that would normally participate in our Senior Beehive programs. These calls are made weekly to those we have listed as isolated or vulnerable. We reach out, say hello and let them know they are not alone during these difficult times. Our Police Department also operates Operation Reassurance year-round where they will check on senior citizens and those living alone under special circumstances regularly. To sign up for Operation Reassurance, you can visit the Police Department’s Page on our Borough website.

While this month marks our Centennial Year as Point Pleasant Borough turns 100 years old on Tuesday May 19th, our Saturday May 16th celebration at Riverfront Park has been postponed due to the pandemic.  Rest assured, this celebration is being rescheduled for later in the year when it will be safe for all of us to celebrate together.

While our normal Memorial Day Ceremony will not be able to be had due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will still mark this solemn day the best way that we can.  On Memorial Day this year, in lieu of our ceremony we will ask all Point Pleasant residents to join the nation in a National Moment of Silence at 3PM local time on Monday May 25th.  Wherever you are that day, we ask you to pause what you are doing and think about those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Also, as we do every year, we honor a member of our community that has served in active duty to be the ceremonial grand marshal of the ceremony.  This year we have honored Point Pleasant Police Officer Mark Maloney who served as a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps.  Officer Maloney, a 2009 graduate of Point Pleasant Borough High School, served from 2011-2015 including tours of duty overseas in Afghanistan.  Officer Maloney has dedicated the honor of being the ceremonial grand marshal to a Marine he served with overseas who did not make it back.  Fitting for a Memorial Day tribute, Officer Maloney would like the memory of Lance Cpl. Anthony Denier who died while conducting combat operations in Marjah, Afghanistan to be remembered.  On behalf of the Borough Council and all of Point Pleasant, I thank Officer Maloney for his service to our country and honor the memory of Lance CPL. Denier who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

For up-to-date emergency information, I ask that you follow the Borough of Point Pleasant’s Office of Emergency Management Facebook Page and The Borough of Point Pleasant’s Police Department’s Facebook Page. You can also sign up for free NIXLE text message alerts by clicking the link on our Borough website’s home page.

The Borough Council and I would like to again thank our employees for their dedication and hard work in these trying times. Our staff at Borough Hall and Public Works have truly shown what it means to be public servants. We would also like to thank our emergency personnel as well. Our Police, Fire and First Aid Departments have been working harder than ever and we cannot thank them enough for putting themselves on the front lines of this pandemic. On behalf of all of our residents, we put up a banner in the center of town thanking them and essential employees everywhere.

The Borough Council and I would like to also once again thank our community for your patience and understanding during these trying times. I constantly say there is no better place to be than “The Boro” and the way we have all pulled together recently proves that.

Stay well,
Mayor Robert A. Sabosik