Hurricane Isaias Power Outage Update from Mayor Sabosik

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Hurricane Isaias Power Outage Update from Mayor Sabosik

Borough of Point Pleasant – While I am happy to report that a significant amount of progress was made yesterday in restoring power to our residents, the Borough Council and I will not be satisfied with Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) until every last household and business is up and running.  My last phone call with JCP&L officials was at 9PM last evening.  As of that time, 9PM on August 6th, we were down to 512 houses left without power out of the 9,984 metered homes and businesses in our community that serve our almost 20,000 residents.  As I have explained in previous updates, Point Pleasant Borough is fed through a combination of three substations … the Woodland Avenue / Route 88 Substation here in Point Pleasant Borough, the Point Pleasant Beach Substation and the Herbertsville Road Substation in Brick Township.  These are all live and running but not yet at full capacity.  It is my understanding that the remaining outages should be back on by this evening or tomorrow the latest.  I will continually update our residents here as I receive more information from JCP&L.

As I stated in yesterday’s update, the Borough Council and I have addressed our displeasure at JCP&L multiple times over the course of the last few days.  Their outdated infrastructure coupled with regulation from the NJ Board of Public Utilities in regards to restoring larger numbers of customers first than working its way down does not benefit Point Pleasant.  When the State of NJ and the Board of Public Utilities have their hearings on the management of this storm which they do for every major storm, I will be there.

At the moment, for those still without power, they can come to the Borough Hall parking lot on Bridge Avenue for free ice and water.  This assistance station has been set up for two days now with the help and cooperation of the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office.  Please be considerate when taking supplies and also know that this is a first come, first serve basis.  The Sheriff’s Department will be restocking this station the best they can as supplies run out, so we kindly ask for your patience.  Also, residents are reminded that we will be doing a town-wide branch and brush clean up on Monday August 10th.  Information for that can be found by clicking here.

The Borough Council and I are in constant contact with JCP&L.  Our problems here at the moment are not germane to Point Pleasant, but we still must make our voices heard.  I refuse to let our Boro be overlooked and will continue to press JCP&L officials.  I also encourage residents to still report power outages and downed wires to the following contact numbers:

  • Text OUT to 544487…
  •  Online at
  • Use the JCP&L smartphone app (iPhone and Android)
  •  Via the “Report an Outage” tab on the JCP&L Facebook Page ( a mobile device)
  •  Call 888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877)

On behalf of the Borough Council, I would like to thank our Police, Fire, First Aid, other emergency personnel and our Public Works Department for all they are doing clearing debris, directing traffic and handling the various emergencies this storm has brought upon us.  I would also like to thank the front line workers at JCP&L.  The men and women working on our substations, utility poles and power lines are not the policy makers.  I feel it would be a disservice not to recognize the hard work that they are doing during this time.

I thank all of you for your patience and understanding, it is more than appreciated.  Thank you all for making ‘The Boro’ such a special place.

Stay well,

Mayor Robert A. Sabosik