Borough of Point Pleasant – I would like to report to our residents that as of 10AM this morning, Saturday August 8th, we are down to 378 JCP&L customers without power here in Point Pleasant Borough out of the 9,984 electric metered properties.  Out of those 378, there are 261 on dispatched work orders from JCP&L right now and the remaining to follow shortly.

I along with the rest of the Borough Council will be on the phone with JCP&L representatives all weekend.  We will not stop our lines of communication with them until every home has their power restored.  We are aware of some pocket areas in town that are still without power and have relayed this local information to JCP&L officials.

I refuse to let our Boro be overlooked and will continue to press JCP&L officials.  I also encourage residents to still report power outages and downed wires to the following contact numbers:

  • Text OUT to 544487…
  •  Online at
  • Use the JCP&L smartphone app (iPhone and Android)
  •  Via the “Report an Outage” tab on the JCP&L Facebook Page ( a mobile device)
  •  Call 888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877)

On behalf of the Borough Council, I have to keep thanking our Police, Fire, First Aid, other emergency personnel and our Public Works Department for all they are doing clearing debris, directing traffic and handling the various emergencies this storm has brought upon us.  I would also like to thank again the front line workers at JCP&L.  The men and women working on our substations, utility poles and power lines are not the policy makers.  I feel it would be a disservice not to recognize the hard work that they are doing during this time.

I thank all of you for your patience and understanding, it is more than appreciated.  Thank you all for making ‘The Boro’ such a special place.

Stay well,

Mayor Robert A. Sabosik