Uniformed Bureau

The primary function of any law enforcement agency is patrol. The officers out on patrol are the front lines and they are the first responders to all calls for assistance. The Point Pleasant Police Department Uniformed Bureau consists of 19 patrol Officers staffing 3 shifts led by a Watch Commander holding the rank of Lieutenant and Sergeant. The Sergeants of the patrol unit and the patrol officers work and 8 ½ hour day with steady shifts. The 5 Sergeants and 19 patrol officers are assigned to traditional patrol duties during their tour of duty. They may be required to answer requests for police services that could include a traffic collision, lost child, alarms, first aid calls, fights, loose dogs and robberies all in one tour of duty. A total of 18 officers and supervisors are also certified as NJ State Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Operations Commander

Captain Robert Lokerson

Watch Commander – 4pm-12am Shift

Lieutenant Christopher Leonhardt

Watch Commander – 12am-8am Shift

Sergeant Brad McNally

Patrol Unit

Sergeant Christopher Woit

Sergeant Robert Wells

Sergeant Brad McNally

Sergeant Joshua Gunnell

Sergeant Loren MacIver

P.O. Gene Capoano

P.O. Brian Fennessy

P.O. James Kavanagh

P.O. Siveen Greenan

P.O. Ryan Grohowski

P.O. Christopher Phillips

P.O. Kevin Aurin

P.O. Jeffrey Johnson

P.O. Ryan Barker

P.O. David Ippolito Jr.

P.O. Jesse Waterson

P.O. Travis Popiel

P.O. Nicholas Rossi

P.O. Robert Tobias

P.O. Matthew Nickerson

P.O. Christopher Henrich

P.O. Mark Maloney

P.O. Matthew Mergner

Special Officers

S.O Richard Otto

S.O. Terrence Berkeley

S.O. Pierce Dryzmkowski

S.O. Michael Cappello