Beach Badges will go on sale starting Tuesday, May 31, 2022. These Beach Badges are for the Maxson Avenue Beach and the River Avenue Beach in Point Pleasant Borough. Children 5 and under are free. Ages 6-59 are $20. 60+ are $10. Military are free, just show your ID at the beach.

Badge pick up location will be announced at the end of May. Sign up for a Community Pass account to make it easier and faster to get beach badges, register for programs and much more.

Maxson Avenue Beach – a municipal Beach on the Manasquan River. Located next to Riverfront Park at the end of Maxson Avenue. Offers a Beach, playground including Handicapped facilities, a Fishing Pier and a Handicapped accessible Walkway. Shade available on the walkway to view the River. Restrooms available when the Lifeguards are on duty. Admission is required during the Beach Season.


River Avenue Beach – located one block West of Maxson Avenue, also on the Manasquan River. Offers a Beach, playground and Picnic area. Restrooms available when the Lifeguards are on duty. Admission required during the Beach season. Large Swimming area available, large parking area.


Beach Rules

  1. The Beaches will open for the season during the last week of school in June.
  2. Hours of Operation will be 9am-5pm daily, when the weather permits.
  3. No Flotation Devices of any kind are permitted.
  4. Everyone on the property is required to have a Beach Badge. This includes use of the Pier, Boardwalk, and Playgrounds.
  5. Swimming will not be permitted when the Lifeguards are not present.
  6. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an Adult at all times.
  7. Swimming allowed in designated areas only.
  8. No boat launching of any kind
  9. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances on the beach at any time. No animals permitted at any time.
    • In any way Litter, Make unsightly damage to, Destroy or disfigure the beach or beach properties.
    • Disrobe, Dress or undress on the beach or in the parking lot.
    • Play ball or any game which would endanger another person or interfere with another person’s enjoyment of the beach.
    • Leave their garbage on the beach.
    • Smoking is prohibited per NJ State Law.
  11. No person shall attempt to cross the Life Lines in the water to leave the beach property. This property will not be used as access to the canal, channel, or island. If you attempt to do this, the Lifeguard will notify the authorities.** While on the Beach, be aware that the Lifeguards have full authority to enforce the rules stated above, in addition to others that may arise. All persons violating the rules will be asked to leave the property. For more information, call 732-892-5813.